Retail Consulting, Branding and Design

Stratomedia provides retail consulting for store chains and developers of shopping centers in some of the world’s most fast developing retail industries, such as Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

Stratomedia’s expertise and experience range from the earliest stages of development with naming and branding services, to putting the final touches on interior and exterior designs before store openings.

For its retail clients, Stratomedia creates a brand book that defines a uniform corporate style and provides detailed instructions for all corporate identity uses from business cards to store signs.

Stratomedia brings retail design experience to the architectural process to ensure that the concept of the store or shopping center is communicated to the customer before he even enters.

Stratomedia provides 3-d visualizations of its shopping center and storefront designs complete with signage, lighting, show windows, banners, and other facade elements.

For chain stores, Stratomedia develops merchandising and design standards for the interior to ensure consistency of corporate identity, efficiency and effective marketing throughout all stores.

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